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Thank you for visting Heatherdonahue.de. This unoffical fansite is dedicated to author and former - actress Heather Donahue, mostly known for her role in the cult - movie "The Blair Witch Project". Heather released her first book "Growgirl" with great success in 2012 and is currently on work for a few more amazing projects. 2015 remarks the 10th Year Anniversary for this fansite. Big thanks to all visitors, affiliates and Heather!  If you have any questions feel free to send me an E-Mail or leave a message on the guestbook!


"The High Country"
"The High Country" a half hour, single cam presentation pilot that takes a look at the world of medical marijuana growers. Stacks of Franklins and pint sized mimosas, baby mamas and sheriffs, the weed world is flush with cash, sort of illegal, devoid of sense, and overripe for comedy."
"Growgirl - The Blossoming of an Unlikely Outloaw"
“Thank God things didn't work out in Hollywood for Heather Donahue. Otherwise, we'd never have gotten this book.  Anyone who's taken a fall will bond fiercely with Donahue's hilarious frankness about hitting bottom. Beautifully written, full of wisdom. A terrific read."
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Current Book Publications: "Growgirl"

“In her quirky, kooky year-in-the-life account, she writes hilariously…Wry, with a nuanced distance from the events, Donahue offers an unorthodox gardener’s take on the growing season.” – Publishers Weekly
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Beside working on her new book, Heather found time to launch her own business called Prettywell. For more information just check out the  following link - PrettyWellGoods
The Blair Witch Project

"The Blair Witch Project" - some people call it one of the best and innovative horror movies of all time. But this is not the only movie project that Heather did as an actress.

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