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When I first watched "The Blair Witch Project" back in 1999 I became immediately a fan of Heather. I was already amazed by her personality and acting skills. The mini-series "Taken" became one of my all-time favourites and Heathers theatrical performance was amazing.

In 2005 I searched through the internet to find out more about Heather but there wasnt any updated fansite( except for an old fansite wich hasnt been updated for years), so I decided to change that. It was about time to honour this amazing author and actress.
At the end of 2005 I began working on the website and on 12/03/2005 the website was online for the first time.

In 2009 I recieved a personal E-Mail from Heather.

"Hi Kevin,
Thanks so much for your kind efforts in keeping this site going over the years, despite my lack of interest in continuing with films. I truly appreciate your diligence in keeping things current. You have things here that I don't even have! My boyfriend is German and has translated your site for me. I have a lot of work to do learning German. But it's work I'm looking forward to. It's a beautiful language and a beautiful country and quite possibly I'll be living there one day! Hope you're well, and again, thanks for your kindness.


In 2013 I finally got the chance to meet Heather personally on the "Horror of Weekend" Convention in Germany. It was definetly one of the best days of my life.

Even though Heather dont act anymore I appreciate her work as an author. Her book "Growgirl" is inspiring and beautifully written. I will do my best to support Heather and all her future projects with this fansite.

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Age: 28
Country: Germany
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...the beginning of her career
First Meeting:
I met Heather at the "Horror of Weekend" Convention in Germany in december 2013.It was one of the best dys of my life :-)

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